What is eVoIP?

eVoIP is our Hosted VoIP PBX (Private Branch Exchange) and the modern version of the traditional telephone system. The new hosted, or “cloud,” model puts the brains of your phone closet into professionally maintained data centers, helping businesses like yours to transform their communications and improve productivity—without the need to purchase expensive, complex, depreciating phone system software and hardware.

With eVoIP, you will get a highly scalable foundation for your communication system that can expand and change as quickly as your needs do. Your service providers manage and monitor your system 24×7, allowing you to focus on your business rather than managing your phone system.

Businesses today need technology solutions that help improve communications, while driving productivity across the enterprise. They also want a reliable, high quality phone system that simply works. And with your business in a constant state of change, you need a solution that’s both easy to learn, and easy to use.

Today, transforming your phone system is simple and cost effective, regardless of your business—whether you have five employees or fifty. Our platform adapts and adjusts to your needs, seamlessly working the way you need it to. That way, you can focus on your business, not your communications system.

With eVoIP you will get a platform that:

  • Provides high quality, reliable cloud-based solutions
  • Utilizes modern features with enterprise capabilities
  • Costs less up front and over time vs. traditional premise
  • Future proofs your communications system


You will be able to leverage powerful features and benefits including:

  • The flexibility to scale up or down as your needs change
  • An effective and intuitive user interface
  • Hosted Fax
  • Conference Bridging
  • Voicemail Transcriptions
  • Softphone and smartphone apps
  • Bursting call-paths
  • Leading application integration Salesfore.com, Microsoft Outlook, etc.
  • Total control, right from your fingertips (through desktop browsers and mobile devices)
  • Limitless call routing features for optimal productivity
  • Mobile device redundancy

Call CS&M Tele-Systems and learn how eVoIP is the right move for your business.”